Welcoming The Conan Doyle Review

Exciting news for Conan Doyle fans – an academic journal devoted to Conan Doyle is arriving in 2021!

A few weeks ago, Dr Ashley D. Polasek (@SherlockPhD) announced the creation of The Conan Doyle Review (@ACDreview), ‘an interdisciplinary journal for scholarship on the life, works, creative afterlives, and cultural legacies of Arthur Conan Doyle.’ I was very pleased to get half an hour of Ashley’s time to talk about the journal.

It’s a fantastic development for two very good reasons. Firstly, as an Open Access publication, it will bring academic scholarship to the wider public. There is a wealth of academic scholarship on Conan Doyle’s life and work but it’s largely beyond reach of those outside higher education. I often see interesting work appear on academia.edu and journal databases but it typically sits behind a paywall meaning that, unless you are a student or staff member at an institution, this work is off limits. As an Open Access journal, The Conan Doyle Review will help to spread scholarship far and wide.

Secondly, it will provide a home for academic studies of Conan Doyle that cuts across disciplinary boundaries. Just think about Conan Doyle’s life – writer, political campaigner, historian, propagandist, spiritualist. Where would you find work about Conan Doyle in a journals’ directory? Literary Criticism, Politics, Religion, Ethics? Answer: all of the above. ACD is seen through many lenses, which means scholarship is dispersed. The Conan Doyle Review will provide the single lens through which we can understand the totality of Conan Doyle’s life and work.

For those of you who missed the Q/A on Twitter, here’s a compiled list which provides more information:

Q: “When will the first issue come out?”

A: The Conan Doyle Review will begin accepting submissions for peer review in the summer of 2020, and will publish Volume 1, Issue 1 in Spring 2021.

Q: “What will you publish?”

A: The Conan Doyle Review will publish scholarly articles; editorials; reviews of non-fiction books, commercial adaptations, and relevant scholarship; and original interviews.

Q: “How rigorous is the review process for publishing in The Conan Doyle Review?”

A: Reviews, interviews, and editorials may be accepted and published following editorial review. Scholarly articles undergo double-blind peer review.

Q: “I’m not an academic, but I am a Doylean or a Sherlockian. Can I still submit to The Conan Doyle Review?”

A: Certainly! Work is accepted based on its quality, not based on your credentials. We are happy to consider submissions from independent scholars.

Q: “I'm not an Arthur Conan Doyle expert, but I wrote a paper in my own field that touched on him, would you consider it?"

A: Yes! We want to be a crossroads for scholarship in as many disciplines as possible. If it's related to Conan Doyle, we’re interested.

Q: “Will you consider my poem or short story?

A: We're delighted that Conan Doyle’s works inform your creative writing! However, The Conan Doyle Review is not the right outlet for fiction, poetry, or fanworks, unless they appear in the context of a specific scholarly discourse.

Q: “Who runs The Conan Doyle Review?”

A: The Conan Doyle Review is under the editorial leadership of Dr. Ashley D. Polasek, Founding Editor-in-Chief (@SherlockPhD), Dr. Kate Brombley, Senior Associate Editor (@Curly_Kate) and Mary M. Alcaro, Associate Editor (@M2Alc).

I’m enthusiastic about The Conan Doyle Review. It’s a worthwhile endeavour that will help raise the appreciation and scholarship of Conan Doyle in a way that is long overdue. All best wishes to Ashley, Kate and Mary and everyone involved.