7. Conan Doyle and Sport with Mark Alberstat

In this first interview show, we talk to Mark Alberstat, co-editor of Canadian Holmes, the journal of Sherlockian society The Bootmakers of Toronto, about Conan Doyle and his fascination with sport.

The episode can be heard here: http://doingsofdoyle.podbean.com/.

About Mark Albertstat

The Spence Munro’s of Halifax, Nova Scotia on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/The-Spence-Munros-212957769636/

Canadian Holmes, the journal of The Bootmakers of Toronto - https://www.torontobootmakers.com/canadian-holmes/

Canadian Holmes on Twitter – https://twitter.com/CanadianHolmes 

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“Conan Doyle and Cycling,” Baker Street Journal, Summer 2017.

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Alexis Barquin’s cricket infographic  - https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=Cricket

Stockholm Summer Olympics, 1912 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1912_Summer_Olympics
Dame Jean Conan Doyle


‘A Day with Dr. Conan Doyle’ interview with ACD by Harry How - https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=A_Day_with_Dr._Conan_Doyle

The Auto-wheel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-Wheel
Eugene Sandow

Sandow, E, The Construction and Reconstruction of the Human Body (1907) [with a foreword by Arthur Conan Doyle]

Doings of Doyle Episode 4 – Danger! Being the Log of Captain John Sirius (1914) – https://doingsofdoyle.podbean.com/e/danger-1580718511/

ACD on the merits of baseball, letter to the Times (1924) - https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=Merits_of_Baseball
Next time on the Doings of Doyle…

We hope to be back next time with Conan Doyle’s pirate adventures featuring the dreaded Captain Sharkey. Read them here: https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php/Sir_Arthur_Conan_Doyle:Captain_Sharkey.

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Image credits: Thanks to Alexis Barquin at The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopaedia for permission to reproduce these images. Please support the encyclopaedia at www.arthur-conan-doyle.com.

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  1. Another fascinating discussion. Thanks! Just been reading ‘Dangerous Work’ and in relation to sport noted one of his entires in the SS Hope ship journal he wrote mentions he went to watch a football match between Orkney and Shetland which was ‘poor’! Also mentions he beat ‘Crabbe’ from the SS Eclipse crew (a renowned local player) at billiards… maybe he needed more ‘Practice’!!!!

    1. Ha! Very good! I wonder how much the Orkney v Shetland match was down to weather conditions...


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