6. The Case of Lady Sannox

The Case of Lady Sannox is a short story written by Conan Doyle in 1893 as part of his Round The Red Lamp series of medical stories. A gothic masterpiece, the story is still shocking to this day…

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Douglas Stone is one of the most outstanding surgeons operating in 1890’s London. He is also one of the least morally restrained. His sensual excesses are infamous, as is his affair with the former actress, Marion Dawson, now Lady Sannox.

One night, as he prepares for another appointment with his mistress, Stone receives a visitor: a bearded Turkish gentleman whose wife requires an emergency operation on her lip after cutting herself with a poisoned dagger. The surgeon hesitates, but the fee is too attractive.

He operates on the veiled patient to remove the infected lip. There is a blood-choked scream, the veil is removed and, in the shock of recognition, Stone’s brilliant mind lurches into madness. He has kept his appointment with Lady Sannox whose husband is a vengeful man…

Writing and publication history

In 1892, Jerome K. Jerome, editor of The Idler, commissioned Conan Doyle to write 6-8 short stories. Conan Doyle proposed a series of medical-themed stories.

Conan Doyle only submitted four stories to The Idler, of which three were printed.

The Case of Lady Sannox was first published in The Idler in November 1893, around the time that the Sherlock Holmes stories The Naval Treaty and The Final Problem appeared in The Strand.

The Conte Cruel

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Play: ‘The Black Mask’ (1899) by F Marriott Watson.

CBS TV Series ‘Suspense’ – The Case of Lady Sannox (27 Dec 1949, 27’): Starring Stella Adler (Lady Sannox), Henry Brandon (Douglas Stone), Berry Kroeger (Lord Sannox). https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=The_Case_of_Lady_Sannox_(TV_episode_1949).

BBC2 TV Series ‘Late Night Horror’ – The Kiss of Blood (24 May 1968): Starring Diane Cilentro (Lady Sannox), Roy Dotrice (Douglas Stone), Charles Workman (Lord Sannox).

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Sherlockian connections

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